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2017 Contract Negotiations

The CWA’s current contract with AT&T is valid until 4/8/2017. The bargaining team is set to begin negotiations in February with the goal of achieving a fair contract for all employees represented in the contract. We have seen difficult negotiations from our peers in the West (CWA District 9) to the point they are currently working without a contract. They began negotiations in February this year with the goal to reach a fair contract prior to expiration in April of this year, but have yet to reach an agreement. It took 9 months of negotiation for our peers in the Southeast (CWA District 3) in 2015.

While we remain hopeful that an acceptable agreement will be reached in our district (CWA District 6), it’s more reasonable to expect difficulties in these negotiations. We are asking all members to take appropriate steps to be prepared for any scenario that may present itself as result of these negotiations. The most ominous scenario would be a work stoppage. Now is the time to be saving any money you can to be as financially secure should a work stoppage happen.

Any mobilization efforts will assist our bargaining team in negotiations. Examples of mobilizing would be wearing red on Thursdays and Black on Fridays or meeting as a crew and walking into the work center as a show of solidarity. Any other ideas you may have would be welcomed so long as you verify them with a union official to make sure they do not violate any policy.

When negotiations begin you will be able to view reports from the bargaining team on the District 6 Website. We will work to keep you informed throughout the process as well. Again all attempts will be made to reach a fair contract, but it’s always best to be prepared.

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