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Bargaining Report #1

Yesterday, February 1, 2017, your CWA Bargaining Committee kicked off negotiations with AT&T in Austin, Texas. The Bargaining Committee have been preparing for the last week to bargain with AT&T.

The Union Chairman, Mike Neumann, opened up with brief remarks stating that our committee was dedicated to achieving a fair and just contract. The Company Committee Chair, Rob Zurovec also stated that the Company was eager to reach a settlement that meets the Company objectives. Sylvia Ramos, Assistant to the CWA District 6 Vice President, Claude Cummings, also stated that she and Claude had the upmost confidence that these committees would come to a contract that meets the members and Company’s expectations. She stated she was excited that this round of early bargaining would bring results that benefit our members for the present and the future. Employee security is an important issue, along with a significant wage increase and benefits that match our member needs.

The following proposals were presented to the Company:

  • Article VIII- Holidays

  • Article XI- Absences from Duty

  • Article XV- Temporary Work in Higher Positions

  • Article XX- Union Representation

  • Article VI- Hours of Work(Night tour)

  • Include DTV in participating Companies covered by NTP

  • Leverage Service Representative significant wage increase

  • Extend the Service Rep Task Force recommendations

  • Extend the Revenue Management Representative Working Group

  • Extend the Communications Consultant Leadership Forum

  • Substantial Pension increase for current Retiree’s with an automatic Cost of Living Adjustment

  • Annual Cost of Living increases for all future and current Retiree’s

The Union also presented the Company three data requests involving Union Leave of Absences, Bridging of Service, and Pensions.

Both sides agreed to meet tomorrow with each side being on call to meet should the occasion arise. Your Bargaining Committee will be preparing to get you, the members, a fair and just contract that our members will ratify.


Your Bargaining Committee

Mike Neumann – Bargaining Chair

Jeff Hayes Local 6360

Marc LaRousse Local 6139

Gerald Murray Local 6507

Luke Pavone Local 6316

Jason Peavler Local 6132

Glynne Stanley Local 6214

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