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Bargaining Report #2

The Union Bargaining Committee met multiple times on February 2, 2017, with the Company to continue discussions of the bargaining proposals. Our chairperson, Mike Neumann, presented numerous proposals to the Company. After long periods of discussions, your Bargaining Committee then recessed for the day to go back to research the voluminous information that the Company had provided as part of our data request concerning the Bridging of Service process.

The following proposals were presented to the Company:

  • Significant wage increase

  • Article VI- Hours of Work

  • Article VII- Work Schedules

  • Article IX- Vacation

  • Article X- Excused Work days

  • Article XVI- Travel

  • Article XXIV- Safety and Health

  • Article IX- Vacation Reserve Week

  • Improve 401k Saving and Security Plan

  • Improve Medical Plan

  • Extend Medicare Plan Part B and include individuals on Long Term Disability

  • Increase the Define Dollar Benefit Cap

  • Improve Pension Plan/Pension Band

  • Defined Benefit Pension for all employees

  • Improve Vision Plan for all current employees

  • Move all Premise Technicians from Appendix J to Appendix C

  • Upgrade Premise Technicians to Appendix C Group 2A wage scale


Your Bargaining Committee

Mike Neumann – Bargaining Chair

Jeff Hayes Local 6360

Marc LaRousse Local 6139

Gerald Murray Local 6507

Luke Pavone Local 6316

Jason Peavler Local 6132

Glynne Stanley Local 6214

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