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Bargaining Report #3


February 6, 2017

The CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Company on February 3, 2017. The Committee presented numerous proposals to the Company. During the negotiation session, the Union Committee received three responses from the Company regarding data requests.

The following proposals were presented to the Company:

  • Return contracted out work back to the Bargaining Unit

  • Improve the National Transfer Plan

  • Article XVII- Force Adjustment-Improve Contract Language

  • Remove 2004 Qualifier for JOG

  • Eliminate Temporary Managers

  • Extend benefit coverage for surviving spouse, eligible dependents, and registered domestic partner

  • Modify the Rule of 75 - add age 60 and 15 years of service

  • Extend Vision Plan to all retirees

  • Newborn Child Care Leave- increase paid time from 6 weeks to 12 weeks

  • Establish a Leverage Service Representative Task Force Agreement

  • Remove the Clean Desk Policy

  • Eliminate TACR/CR!FT

  • Eliminate Scorecards

The Union Committee worked throughout the weekend to further prepare negotiating demands to present to the Company. The Committee analyzed the data responses provided by the Company. The CWA Committee Chair and the Company Committee Chair were in contact all weekend. The CWA Bargaining Committee appreciates the support from the Membership and CWA District 6 Locals.


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