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Bargaining Report #4

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #4

February 7, 2017

During the weekend, your CWA Bargaining Committee studied data the Company had provided, and continued to question the Company on that data. The Committee prepared for Monday’s negotiating session and presented our Member’s bargaining demands on Appendix J items. On Monday, February 6, 2017, your CWA Bargaining Committee presented the following bargaining demands to the Company.

  • Increase the Wage Schedule in Appendix J for Administrative Support Assistant Support Assistant, Office Coordinator and Warehouse Assistant

  • Change time in title for Premises Technician to 15 months & 12 months’ time in location

  • DirecTV work to be transitioned to regular full time Premises Technicians instead of the continual use of contractors

  • Include Premises Technicians in the GPS Monitoring Agreement

  • Premises Technicians included in two-hour notification

  • Improve Layoff Allowance for Premises Technicians

  • 1 ½ times Overtime Pay treatment after 8 hours per day for Premise Technicians

  • Improvements to the Travel Allowance for Premises Technicians

  • Increase in the Per Diem for the Premise Technicians

  • Reduce Mandatory Overtime for the Premise Technicians

We appreciate all the support and Mobilization that the Locals and Members are engaged in throughout the District. Make no mistake this Committee feels your support and know you are with us at the Bargaining table. A special shout out to Local 6502, the CWA Committee appreciates your care package that was delivered yesterday.


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