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Bargaining Report #5

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #5

February 8, 2017

The CWA Bargaining Committee met multiple times on February 7, 2017, with the Company to continue presenting Union bargaining proposals. After long periods of discussions with the Company, your Bargaining Committee then recessed for the day to go back to prepare new proposals and data requests. The Union Bargaining Committee has now completed presenting our Member’s bargaining proposals. The Company Committee recessed for the day to study the Union’s proposals and informed the CWA Bargaining Committee that they will present the Union with their bargaining proposals. Both Committees remain on hold.

The following proposals were presented to the Company:

  • Add Article XI, Section 7, Leveraged Service Representative title shall be pay protected and compensated at 100% of their wages for all contractual time off

  • Temporary Leave of Absence, (TLOA) - increase company paid Medical, Dental and Vision coverage to 24 months

  • Mandatory post-retirement bargaining for future Retiree’s Pension and Healthcare Benefits

  • Improve Pension and other Retirement-related benefits

  • Improve Dental Plan

  • Improve Employees Life and Dependent Life Insurance

  • Extend the two Union Benefit Representative Positions

  • Negotiate watermark of 100% headcount at the expiration of the current 2013 Agreement through the duration of the new labor agreement

  • Negotiate Formal Training for jobs of the future

  • Extend all Memoranda of Agreement, Memoranda of Understanding, Letters of Understanding, Letters of Agreement between CWA and AT&T

  • Article XVIII - Severance Payments - Improve Contract Language

  • Bridging of Service in any AT&T subsidiary for all prior AT&T service

  • Article XXV- Contract Work - Improve Contract Language

  • All training shall be paid by the Company - hourly wages

  • General Application - Article VI - Leaves of Absence for Union Representatives on Union Business Section 3, increase aggregate intervals

  • MOA-CWA Internal Appeal Process Negotiate Improvements

  • Joint National 20/20 Committee with representatives of each bargaining unit. All costs and expenses to be paid by the Company

We appreciate all the support and Mobilization that the Locals and Members are engaged in throughout the District. The Committee feels your support and requests that you keep your activities going to let the Company know that we are STRONG and DETERMINED to get a fair and just contract.

Please Keep Up Your Mobilization Activities!!!

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