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Bargain Report #7

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #7

February 10, 2017

The CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Company on February 9, 2017, for a long negotiating session during the afternoon. The CWA bargaining chair, Mike Neumann, provided answers to the Company on previous questions they had regarding the Union’s proposals.

The Union Bargaining Committee presented the Company with two data requests regarding the Materials Distribution Center in Lancaster Texas and the Regional Distribution Center locations.

The Company presented their first bargaining proposal to the Union. The Company presented what they characterized as an integrated package to the Union. The package includes:

  • Wage Compensation

  • An amended Article XI – Absences From Duty

  • A proposal on Article XVII – Severance Payments

  • The Success Sharing Plan

  • A proposal on Article V – Cost of Living Allowance

  • An amended Appendix J Supplemental Statements

  • An amended Article XVII – Force Adjustment

  • An amended compensation for Leveraged Service Representatives

  • An amended Article XV – Temporary Work in Higher Positions

  • An amended Article VIII – Holidays

  • An amended Article IX – Vacations

  • An amended Article XIII – Job Vacancy

  • An amended Article XVII – Force Adjustment

  • An amended Article II – Classification of Employees

  • An amended Article XIX – Grievances

  • An amended Article X – Technology Change

  • An amended Article XXIV – Safety and Health

  • Complete changes to the Health and Welfare Benefit Plans

The Union Committee worked late into the night analyzing the Company’s bargaining proposal. The Committee began work early this morning continuing to study the Company proposal and to formulate questions in order to totally comprehend what the Company has proposed. The CWA Bargaining Committee thanks all the Local Presidents and Mobilization Coordinators that were on the Mobilization call last night. We feel your support.

We are United in Achieving a Fair Contract

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