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Bargaining Report #9

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #9

February 13, 2017

As discussed in Bargaining Report #8, this is a follow-up bargaining report regarding only Appendix J Employees. Many of the Company’s Bargaining demands in Bargaining Report #8 affect Appendix J Employees. The Company Bargaining demands listed in this report are specific to Appendix J Employees.

  • The Company shall have sole discretion to assign Appendix J employees to participate in the AT&T Home Dispatch Program.

  • The Company at its discretion, may offer jobs in Appendix J titles to employees not in Appendix J through the 2017 Labor Agreements

  • Amend Supplemental Statement 2., Basis of Compensation, Section 3., Overtime – the elimination of the 17 hour limit for overtime

  • Amend Supplemental Statement 2., Basis of Compensation, to delete Section 5., - delete Sunday Premium Payments

  • Amend Supplement Statement 3., Work Schedules, Section 1., Work Schedules, to delete employees preference in order of seniority, the forty-eight (48) hours notice requirement for schedule changes and delete the thirty-two (32) hours of work guarantee

  • Amend Supplemental Statement 3., Work Schedules Section 3., Cancellation of Hours, to delete paragraph 3.b.

  • Amend Supplemental Statement 4., Holidays, Section 1., Paid Holidays, to delete the Day After Thanksgiving

  • Amend Supplemental Statement 5., Vacations, to delete Section 3., delete carryover vacation

  • Amend Supplemental Statement 6., Personal Days, Section 1., Personal Days Off, to increase the number of personal days off from seven to eight

  • Amend Supplemental Statement 7., Absences from Duty, Section 5., to add the following sentence – Employee’s hired after April 8, 2017 shall not be eligible for any paid illness days

  • Amend Supplemental Statement 11., Travel, Section 2.d., Travel and Temporary Work Locations, delete “ Insofar as the service requirements and abilities of the employees will permit, as determined by management, employee preference in order of seniority shall be taken into account in the assignment of overnight trips.”

Memorandums of Agreement – Deleted

  • Memorandum of Agreement – Informal Surplus

  • Memorandum of Agreement – Four-Day Work Week

  • Motor Vehicle Usage Program

CWA Bargaining Reports #8 and #9 summarize the Company’s initial proposal to the CWA Bargaining Committee. It is obvious after analyzing the Company’s proposal that they intend to delete as many work rules as they can from the Labor Agreement. In addition they seem determined to pass on substantial costs regarding Benefits to Employees. Your CWA Committee is determined that this will not happen. But it takes all of us sticking together to send a strong message to the Company. Talk to your fellow Union Members, educate them as to what the Company is attempting to do. Tell your Managers that you stand shoulder to shoulder with your Union Committee, and that we will not rest until we have negotiated a fair Labor Agreement.

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