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Bargaining Report #15


February 21, 2017

Your CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Company on Monday, February 20, 2017, to present bargaining demands. The Union Committee presented the following demands:

  • A significant wage increase

  • The return of contracted work back to the Bargaining Unit

  • Improvements to the National Transfer Plan

  • Improvement of the Savings and Security Plan

  • To extend Medicare Part B Reimbursement

  • Improvements to the Pension Plans

  • Improvements to the Retiree’s Pension and other Retirement Benefits

  • To Extend the two Union Benefit Representative Positions

  • Modifications to the Employment Security Commitment

  • Appendix J Premises Technicians shall be placed into Appendix C Wage Schedules

  • Premises Technicians – Hours worked on a Holiday shall count towards hours worked

  • The inclusion of Premises Technicians into the GPS Monitoring Agreement

  • The improvement of the Layoff Allowance for Premises Technicians

The Union Bargaining Committee rejected the Company’s proposal on Article XIX-Grievances. Your CWA Committee also presented five new data requests to the Company. We will send out another Bargaining Report as events change.

Stay Strong – Stick Together

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