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Bargaining Report #18


February 24, 2017

The CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Company on Thursday, February 23, 2017. The Company presented a complete package proposal to the Union. There was some movement on the Company’s part, but at this juncture in negotiations the proposal was severely deficient in many areas in meeting our Member’s proposals. The Company still has many proposals on the table that are retrogressive when compared to the current 2013 Labor Agreement. Listed below are proposals that were renewed by the Company on Thursday.

  • Renew the Incentive Plan Attachment in the Negotiating Report

  • Renew the Ad Hoc Committee on Two Hour Notification

  • To continue the forum between the Union and the Company for Premise Technicians

  • Renew the Memorandum of Agreement to Transition Newly-Represented DIRECTV LLC Employees, effective April 9, 2017 through April 10, 2021

  • Renew the Memorandum of Agreement – Modified Procedures for Expedited Arbitration

  • Renew the Recommendations of the Communications Consultant Joint Leadership Forum

  • Renew the Memorandum of Agreement – Recovery of Wage or Benefits Overpayment

The Union and the Company are still far apart on a number of items, including some of these listed below.

  • A significant wage increase for the years, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

  • Article XI – Illness from Duty

  • The Disability Plan – The Company is proposing that employees transition to a 26 week plan from the current 52 week plan

  • Premise Technician – Work Rules

  • The Memorandum Of Agreement – Job Offer Guarantee

  • Joint Agreements of the Service Representative Review Committee

  • The prohibition against Decision Making Leaves (DMLs) and dismissals of Service Representatives solely for adherence performance

  • The Memorandum of Agreement – Regarding Neutrality And Card Check Recognition

  • The Memorandum of Agreement – Monitoring

  • The elimination of Article IV, Section 6, paragraph b. pay treatment for Cable Splicing Technicians

The above list of Company retrogressive proposals still on the negotiating table is provided to give a flavor of the present climate at the negotiating table. It is nowhere near inclusive of the Company’s proposed givebacks. Your CWA Committee put the Company Committee on notice today in the negotiating session. The Company Chair was told that Early Bargaining will come to a close at the end of February, and the Company’s proposals are inadequate to receive an agreement. The Union Committee told the Company to get serious, we are not going anywhere until we reach an agreement that is fair and just for our Members.

Thank you, CWA Local 6301. We appreciate the card and support of all your Members who signed it. Great Job!

*****Alert – Tell Your Managers That You Are Demanding a Fair Contract*****

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