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Bargaining Report #19

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #19

AT&T SW Bargaining Report #19

February 25, 2017

Your CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Company on Friday, February 24, 2017. There was progress made at the negotiating table, but both sides are far apart on many issues. Some of the bargaining demands that were discussed are:

  • Employee Contributions for the Medical and Dental

  • Short Term Disability Plan – Company Proposal to migrate to a 26 week plan

  • A Wage Increase to Base Wages

  • Paid Illness Days

  • Paid Benefit Representative Position

  • The Benefit Committee

  • The Technology Change Committee

  • Article II – Classification of Employees – Temporary Employees

  • Article V – Cost of Living Allowance

  • Article IV – Basis of Compensation, Section 6 – Changes to the Night Differential language for Cable Splicing Technicians

  • Article VI – Hours of Work – Assigned Overtime

  • Appendix J Employees – The Home Dispatch Program

  • Protection for Core I/M Customer Services Technicians who are declared surplus, and who either accepts or displaces into a Premises Technician position

  • Leveraged Services Representatives – Service Levels

  • The ad hoc Committee on Two Hour Notification

  • Memorandum of Agreement – Employment Security Commitment (JOG)

  • The Service Representative Review Committee

Friday night, the Union Committee joined CWA Local 6132 on an informational picket line in front of the facility where negotiations are taking place. Local 6132 did a great job of getting their Members to this Mobilization event. Members from other Labor Unions, as well as the CWA Staff from the Austin office, joined us on the picket line. Great job Local 6132. Your CWA Committee wants to thank Local 6407 for the card signed by their Members, and the picture they sent of their Members engaged in a Mobilization event. The Union Committee and the Company will continue meeting throughout the weekend. We will update these reports as events necessitate.

Keep up the Great Work – Mobilizing

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