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Important Meetings for Premise Technicians Dec. 20th and Dec. 27th

Special Meeting Wednesday Dec. 20th from 6:30pm-8pm at the CWA Union Hall This is for all Premise Technicians in CWA Local 6360.

In addition: Dislocated Worker meeting administered by the AFL-CIO Wednesday Dec. 27th 2pm at the CWA Union Hall for all surplussed Premise Technicians in CWA Local 6360.

This is meeting with the following agenda: Job Dislocation - Making Smart Financial Choices after a job loss

- How to avoid investment fraud

- Protecting yourself against job search scams

- When the pay check stops . . .

- Starting Over Survival Guide for laid-off workers and their families

- List of Job Search Web Sites

- MO Job Center Information

- Job Search Assistance

- Training Opportunities

- Resume assistance

- Health care options Cobra, Affordable health care act

- Unemployment Insurance

- Working Family Friends

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