MO AFL-CIO COPE Endorsements for November Elections

October 23, 2018

Missouri AFL-CIO

COPE Endorsements

General Election 2018

November 6, 2018


US Senate                                  Missouri State Auditor

Claire McCaskill                                    Nicole Galloway


Vote Yes

    Missouri Amendment 1,                                                                Missouri Proposition B,        

  Lobbying, Campaign Finance, (2018)                                            Minimum Wage Initiative           

   and Redistricting Initiative (2018)


Missouri Proposition D,

 Fuel and Transportation (2018)


U.S. House of Representatives:


1st   District   Lacy Clay           (D)                             5th District  Emanuel Cleaver (D)

2nd District  Cort VanOstran (D)                                6th District  Sam Graves (R)

3rd  District  Katy Geppert (D)                                   7th District  Jamie Schoolcraft (D)

4th  District  Renee Hoagenson (D)                           8th District  Kathy Ellis (D)


Missouri State Senate :

  2nd District  Patrice Billings (D)                                20th District  Jim Billedo (D)

  4th District  Karla May (D)                                       22nd District  Open

  6th District  Nicole Thompson (D)                           24th District   Jill Schupp (D)*

  8th District  Hillary Shields (D)                                 26th District  John Kiehne (D)

10th District Ayanna Shivers (D)                               28th District  Joe Poor (D)

12th District  Terry Richard (D)                                  30th District  Charlie Norr (D)

14th District  Brian Williams (D)                                32nd District  Carolyn McGowan (D)

16th District  Ryan Dillion (D)                                    34th District  Martin Rucker II (D)

18th District  Crystal Stephens (D)




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