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New Hall Location and COVID-19 Operating Information

The hall has officially been moved! Our previous location at 6415 Universal Ave served us well for a long time. Unfortunately as the building got older the repairs expenses began to mount up at the same time our membership began to decline. Some of the more costly repairs which were needed were resurfacing the parking lot and replacing the roof (which had been repaired as much as it could). The Executive Board reached the conclusion that selling that building was the best option and finding an affordable place to rent was the best way to move forward. A buyer was found for the old location and the process of searching the metropolitan Kansas City area for the best location that was affordable began. After going through many, many potential spaces the opportunity at 3675 S Noland Road presented itself. While it is a downgrade in size, it fits our needs perfectly and is saving the local money as well.

The address to the new location is 3675 S Noland Rd. Suite 201 Independence, MO 64055 which can be found on the second floor.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are limiting access to the hall, so please call ahead to 816-561-6360 prior to coming down. We are also restricting access to urgent maters only, but will still be operating via phone calls and digital forms.

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