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Nation Public Saftey Communications Week

April 12 – April 18 is National Public Safety Telecommunications week. This is to honor the hard working 911 Dispatchers across the Country. Local 6360 represents 911 Dispatchers who work in Jackson County, Independence, Blue Springs, and Lee’s Summit Missouri. The work can go from calm to intense in a matter of seconds. The call could be a barking dog, an automobile accident, a domestic disturbance, a person having a heart attack or any other countless situation. They do not know what the call will be about. They are always calm and professional. They analyze the situation and direct the correct responders to the scene. They often stay on the line providing the caller instructions or comfort until help arrives.

Local 6360 as well as all the citizens of these areas appreciate and respect the work you do. We take this week to honor you. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

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