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A Letter From President Joseph Blanco on His Retirement

Fellow Members,

I’d like to take this opportunity to address you to say that I will be retiring July 17,2020 from AT&T.

In the same breath I will also be tendering my resignation as the President of CWA Local 6360. This has been an interesting 9 years holding this office. I’ve had many opportunities to make new friends, new colleagues and new acquaintances. Daily tasks in that office were interesting to say the least. I am glad to be a part of the team that helped our members through all kinds of situations. This job is not for everyone, those who undertake it task should have their sanity questioned. With that being said, I have now confirmed what most of you already knew, Yes, I’m crazy, but I wouldn’t trade the chance to help our members for the anything. I am proud to say I was your President, and I am honored to have the privilege to serve you in this capacity. If you take away anything from this piece, know this. It is not a one person job, there have been many ”Beckys, Aarons, Dougs, Dons, Dawns , Jeffs, Lyndas, Toms, Joans, Drews, Katies, Darricks and Jays “ from City of Independence , E-2 printing, Raven Printing, City of Blue Springs, Jackson County, Lantel Underground, Rogers Printing, AFOOFA Printing, Working Families Friend, AT&T(Southwestern Bell) and The Kansas City AFL-CIO along the way. If I missed anyone, please accept my sincerest apologies. I was not able to do any of this without all of you. I’m going to take a break from the chaos for a while and get ready for whatever else the big guy in the sky has in store for me. DON’T EVER STOP COMMUNICATING! I will miss you all . . .

Joseph Blanco

CWA Local 6360


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