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November Membership Meeting Information

Upon further review, the motion made from the floor at the September membership meeting was to suspend the September Membership meeting and to cancel the October Membership Meeting. The motion also left future meetings up to the discretion of the local Executive Board. While the Executive Board is still concerned about gathering during the current pandemic conditions, we recognize the current actions of the company, partnered with the will of some members, necessitate having a meeting in November. The meeting will take place at 7 PM on November 4th 2021 at the hall. We are asking that social distancing still be observed as well as wearing a mask. If you have any questions please contact the hall at (816) 561-6360. Stewards and Chief Stewards will be made aware of the status of their meeting in the near future.

We, your Executive Board, all find it important to remind all members that you should never feel like you have to wait for a membership meeting to address any of your concerns. We have been, and will continue to field calls and/or schedule in person meetings to address any and all concerns on a daily basis.


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